Since 2017, Beirut Pride has been celebrated in a challenging, unstable national climate, while facing several attacks that never deterred us. As a Beirut Pride participant, we ask you to contribute with your ideas and experiences to shape the demands, program, activities and logistics of the upcoming edition in 2020. Your responses will be used as summary information, and quotes will be shared in a way that does not identify the author.

About yourself
1. Name
1. Name
4. I identify as (select all that applies)
5. Date of birth
5. Date of birth
Reflecting on Beirut Pride
9. Have you participated in previous editions of Beirut Pride?
11. Have you participated in previous Beirut Pride activities such as World AIDS Day, film screenings, parties, panels?
14. Did you take pictures or videos at a Beirut Pride activity?
Thinking Beirut Pride 2020
16. Participation. Are you planning to participate in Beirut Pride 2020?
22. Transport. How accessible is it for you to reach the venues of Beirut Pride? (select all that applies)
23. Pricing. While access to most activities organized by Beirut Pride is free of charge, people may have to cover their personal food and beverage. Do you agree to cover your order?
29. Presentation. Do you understand the content of the Presentation of Beirut Pride (in the form of 26 Q&A) available in Arabic, in English and in French?
30. Code of Conduct. Do you understand the content of the Code of conduct that is available in Arabic, in English and in French (de-escalation, in case of arrest, rules about marching, venue policies)?
31. Do you wish to join Beirut Pride organizing committee?
32. Do you wish to volunteer during Beirut Pride?

Meanwhile, discover what Beirut Pride is about; read our code of conduct; apply to volunteer; and suggest ideas for activities.

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