Beirut Pride is a collaborative platform that takes a positive stance against hate and discrimination based on gender and sexual diversity. It denounces hate speech and violence through social initiatives that advocate non-aggression and an unbiased approach to preconceived ideas. It is all about self-affirmation and dignity through the contribution of many players from the Lebanese creative industries.

“It is not because you think the other might be different from you that it is ok to bully, harass, humiliate, bash and aggress.”

In this frame, the Beirut Pride is articulated around May 17, the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. It celebrates humanity and diversity and is an invitation to transcend labels and stereotypes aiming for a healthy, sustainable Lebanese society, away from hate and discrimination.

The first installment of the Beirut Pride took place May 14–21, 2017 and featured a series of talks, discussions, get-togethers, projections, performances, workshops, parties and collaborations, all of them open to the public. The second installment is for May 2018.