Kufuatia Shinikizo la Vyombo vya Ulinzi, Fahari ya Beirut kwa Mwaka 2018 “Yaahirishwa kwa Muda”

Kwa mwaka wa pili mfululizo, Fahari ya Beirut kwa ushirikiano na makundi mengine yanayounga mkono na kutetea haki za mashoga wameandaa mijadala na matamasha yanayopinga chuki na unyanyapaa wa kijinsia dhidi ya tofauti katika kujamiiana.

Beirut Pride Was Forcibly Canceled. Lebanon's LGBTQ Community Remains Undeterred.

Behind a building in the northern outskirts of the city, a crowd gathered around a black door. Inside, drag queens beat their faces with makeup to prepare for the Grand Ball, a nod to the queer subculture that flourished in New York City during the 1970s and ’80s, popularized in the famous documentary “Paris is Burning.” On the catwalk, they danced to Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need a Hero” and other pop songs in Arabic as their young audience roared with applause.

Beirut Pride Was Forcibly Canceled. Lebanon’s LGBTQ Community Remains Undeterred.

Lebanese LGBTQ people are still struggling with archaic “unnatural action” laws from the days of French colonization.

Tras presión de las fuerzas de seguridad, marcha del orgullo de Beirut 2018 se “suspende por el momento”

Por segundo año consecutivo, Orgullo de Beirut, en colaboración con otros grupos que apoyan y defienden los derechos LGBTQ+, organizó charlas y actividades contra el odio y la discriminación basada en género y diversidad sexual.

Beirut Pride: l’unica manifestazione gay nel mondo arabo

Rispetto ad altri paesi del Medio Oriente, il Libano ha una comunità LGBT relativamente prospera.

After Beirut Pride’s Cancellation, LGBTQ+ Lebanese People Fight Back

Queer Lebanese people explain the importance of Pride, and how they're working toward LGBTQ+ equality in Lebanon.

Noho ny faneren'ny mpitandro ny filaminana, “miantona amin'izao fotoana izao” ny Beirut Pride 2018

Roa taona misesy izao, nikarakara tafatafa sy lanonana anoherana ny fankahalana sy fanilikilihana mifototra amin'ny fimaroana karazana (lahy/vavy) sy fironam-pilàna ara-nofo ny Beirut Pride, miara-miasa amin'ireo vondrona hafa manohana sy manandra-teny ho amin'ny zon'ny LGBTQ+.

Au Liban, la Beirut Pride est annulée mais le combat continu

La marche des fiertés qui devait se tenir du 12 au 20 mai a été interdite par les autorités. Au programme, des concerts, de représentations artistiques et de conférence autour du HIV ou des droits juridiques des homosexuels. Son organisateur a passé une nuit en prison. Mais le vent tourne à Beyrouth, et la communauté LGBT se mobilise.

In Beirut, Police Presence Lurks Outside LGBTQ Community

Mere minutes before a play was set to begin highlighting queer issues, Hadi Damien, the organizer of Beirut Pride, was found and arrested by members of Lebanon’s anti-vice police and held. Although Beirut is considered to be one of the most queer-friendly cities in the entire Middle East, the police intervention into its Pride celebration is a grim reminder that LGBTIQ+ rights are routinely denied and its community members harassed by governments.

Beirut Pride's Hadi Damien Q&A: Lebanon's LGBT movement is 'growing'

Earlier this week, Beirut Pride’s second edition was in full swing, with events such as concerts, a workshop on health and HIV, and a conference on LGBT legal rights scheduled up until Sunday.

La Beyrouth Pride annulée après l’arrestation de son coordinateur

La Beyrouth Pride a finalement été annulée, suite à l’arrestation de son coordinateur Hadi Damien. Il a été détenu durant une nuit à la gendarmerie de Hobeiche, à Beyrouth, et interrogé sur la base de la « traduction » de textes publiés sur le site officiel de cet événement.

Exclusive: Beirut Pride founder says he was forced to cancel events after threats of immorality charges

Hadi Damien, the director of the eight-day festival due to take place between May 12 and 20, was held overnight at Hbeish police station on Monday.

Lebanon Gay Pride Festival Cancelled By Authorities

Despite Lebanon being seemingly gay-friendly as it has one of the Arab world’s most open and active gay communities. Authorities ended the nine-day festival citing “censorship approval” according to a statement on the Beirut Pride website.

Beirut Pride ends abruptly after authorities detain organiser

The organiser of Beirut Pride week, Hadi Damien, remains optimistic despite having been detained overnight.

Lebanon: Police Shutter Pride Events. Crackdown, Arrest of LGBT Activist Violates Rights.

The Lebanese Internal Security Forces arrested a prominent LGBT rights activist and pressured him to cancel Beirut Pride events. The crackdown violates freedom of assembly and association and is a step backward in a country that has made progress toward respecting the rights of LGBT people.

Despite Beirut Pride cancellation, the show must go on

May 17 marked the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOT) and should have been celebrated in Lebanon during the Beirut Pride week with a storytelling night from the LGBTQ community. But the event, as well as the rest of the week's activities, were shut down by the Lebanese authorities.

Beirut Pride, the only gay pride event in the Arab world, cancelled after organizer arrested

Despite having a large Muslim population, Lebanon is considered the most gay-friendly Arab country and the local law prohibiting "any sexual intercourse contrary to the order of nature" isn't enforced. Last year, it was celebrated for being the first Arab country to allow a gay pride week, but it seems the tradition isn't lasting.

Arresti e censura: così il Libano sospende il Beirut Pride

Tutte le attività del Gay Pride a Beirut, in Libano, sono state ufficialmente sospese: è questo l’annuncio fatto due giorni fa da Hadi Damien, uno degli organizzatori della manifestazione, in seguito al suo rilascio dopo un arresto durato quasi 18 ore. Il Beirut Pride 2018 è stato organizzato attorno alla Giornata Internazionale contro l’Omofobia, la Bifobia e la Transfobia, con un programma ricco di eventi culturali e dibattiti pubblici per nove giorni di seguito, a partire dal 12 maggio.

Not A Shock: The Only Gay Pride Event In The Arab Middle East Has Been Canceled

It may come as no surprise, but the Arab Middle East's only gay pride event has been canceled and its organizer has been arrested.

Defiance in face of pride cancellation

Members of Beirut’s LGBTQ community vowed to keep fighting for equal rights Wednesday, despite the cancellation of the city’s second-ever pride week.