Presenting Beirut Pride

Beirut Pride is a collaborative platform that takes a positive stance against hate and discrimination based on sexual and gender diversity. It denounces hate speech and violence through social initiatives that advocate non-aggression and an unbiased approach to preconceived ideas. It promotes self-affirmation and dignity through the contribution of many players from the Lebanese creative industries. Beirut Pride celebrates humanity and diversity. It is an invitation to transcend labels and stereotypes aiming for a healthy, sustainable Lebanese society, away from hate and discrimination.

Beirut Pride takes place over several days, and is based on the creative industries that reflect and communicate on the LGBTIQ+ file in Lebanon. Beirut Pride operates on the levels of politics, legislation, security, mass media, economy and education. It has developed projects with several ministries, NGOs, universities and embassies. Beirut Pride is governed by Statutes, Standing Rules, Finance and Auditing Standards, Code of Conduct, Procurement and Anti-Bribery Conditions, Media Policy and Due Diligence. It is also a member of InterPride.

The first edition of Beirut Pride took place May 14–21, 2017. It drew four thousand people who attended talks, discussions, get-togethers, projections, performances, workshops and parties. The second edition, scheduled May 12–20, 2018 opened with a concert and featured a brunch in the honor of the parents of LGBT children, the announcement of the Corporate Pledge, the Beirut Grand Drag Queen Ball, as well as the launching of a podcast, the launching of a magazine, a gender-fluidity fashion show, workshops, parties, talks and performances. It was raided by the police on the night of May 14, 2018 following the dissemination of a homophobic, sensational, fabricated programme that was attributed to Beirut Pride. The police arrested the organiser of Beirut Pride, and despite the interrogation proving the falsity of the accusations, the general prosecutor of Beirut ordered the suspension of the scheduled activities before initiating criminal proceedings. Its third installment is scheduled for September 28 - October 6, 2019.

More than 340 articles have covered Beirut Pride in 13 languages. It has been the topic of two MA theses, one post-doctoral research and six documentaries. Here is a compilation of some of the 2018 press clips. Click on the following logos for a selection of articles from 2017, 2019 and 2019.



The logo of Beirut Pride was designed by boutique agency /loremipsum/. The capital B and P are playfully united in a radiant mixture of rainbow colours.