While HIV transmission has been globally declining, new HIV infections have been on the rise in the MENA region. In this frame, we dedicate one of the initiatives of Beirut Pride for HIV in particular, and STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in general. Our first installment takes place around December 1st, 2017: World AIDS Day.

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The Initiative

Beirut Pride joins forces with Dr. Jacques Mokhbat (Lebanese AIDS Society) and the National AIDS Control Program in Lebanon (Ministry of Public Health – MOPH) and organises, from Thursday, November 30th, 2017, to Saturday, December 2nd, 2017, a series of activities to communicate on HIV and other STIs (sexually transmitted infections) in collaboration with various organisations, colleges, schools, hospitals, malls and venues.

As the 2017 World AIDS Day campaign focuses on the right to health, our happenings will address prevention, testing, stigma, fear and treatment, in a neutral, accessible approach. They range from pop-up testing stations to talks and parties, FnB branding and TV outreach, the whole complemented with a trilingual online campaign.

Wishing to decentralise this initiative and to interact with many persons, especially individuals often left behind, we collaborate with regional structures in the country in the hope of contributing to mainstream the talk about STIs, lessen the social stigma of HIV positive people and reinforce safe practices.

UNAIDS granted Beirut Pride the right to Arabise their global campaign in order to share it around. "Right to Health" becomes "صحتي_حقي#" and focuses on the importance of testing for HIV.