Slay Your Way –
Beirut Grand Ball

Sunday, May 13, 2018     Ego (projekt nightclub)     8 pm / Doors open at 7 pm

The Mini Ball became Beirut Grand Ball, expecting talent, shade, realness, voguing, fierceness, attitude, fabulousness and drag.

Pick one of the following runway categories:
- ClubKids (Slay the runway with your over the top drag. Beyond female/male impersonation, Party Monsters, a piece of moving art).
- Pride Extravaganza (From Rainbows to Unicorns, turn out a look that represents pride in the most extravagant way).
- Oriental Realness (Traditional Arabian Costumes with a twist).
-Voguing (Old-way vogue, New-Way vogue or Voguing Femme).
-Freestyle (The dance floor is yours, mix any dance style, sing live or do stand up comedy, just slay us).
-LipSync For Your Life (Drag or not, turn up the ball with your best lipsync performance).

Message to sign up for a category and submit a a 2; 3-minute track for your performance.

Rules and Regulations:
- Be extra, be free and be whoever you want to be.
- Impress the judges and the audience.
- Do tricks and reveals to leave a mark on the runway.
- Touching your opponent during the competition is prohibited.
- Nudity and Indecent props are not allowed.
- Respect the timing (all competitors have to be present at the ball before 8pm).
- Breaking any of the above rules will get you disqualified.
- Most importantly, don’t break your back when you dip.

Trophies will be distributed to the winners.

The night will be judged by:
- Sandra Melhem
- Alexandre Paulikevitch
- Evita Kedavra
- Anya Kneez

DJ "JUDE" will be mixing your favorite runway and ballroom tracks.

Entrance fee: 14$ + 1 drink
For more info, contact: Ego (76-753415) or Hoedy Saad (70-761745).

Watch the links below to have an idea of how things will happen during the night. Get Inspired.