From 12 to 22 August 2021, Copenhagen Pride is hosting WorldPride and Pan Idræt is hosting EuroGames. For the first time in history, these two major LGBTIQ+ events are celebrated at the same time and in the same city. The streets of Copenhagen and of Malmö will be filled with pride and diversity as +750.000 people gather for a spectacular celebration of love, sports and LGBTIQ+ rights wrapped up in a rainbow-colored pride party where #YouAreIncluded. This unified celebration of WorldPride and EuroGames has been named Copenhagen 2021.


  • +60,000 people marching for equality and diversity in the WorldPride parade.

  • A WorldPride Square at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen

  • +5 villages catering to various parts of LGBTIQ+ people

  • Numerous concerts and performances

  • Pop-up shops and stalls

  • Opening ceremony

  • Closing ceremony


  • A three-day inclusive sporting event with +25 disciplines

  • +10 sports venues

  • +5,000 athletes from all over the world

  • A Sports Village

  • Opening ceremony

  • Closing ceremony


Human Rights

  • A seven-day open-for-all democracy festival with several thematic tracks and various venues

  • A four-day conference with 1,200 participants

  • An outreach program to cover travel and living expenses for activists from marginalized communities


  • Screening of LGBTIQ+ films

  • Queer art exhibitions and performance art

  • Pop-up art installations around town


Copenhagen 2021 will be one of the biggest events in Denmark - ever! It seeks to make WorldPride and EuroGames a milestone in our fight for everyone’s right to love and live freely. We want to create an event that unites the LGBTIQ+ community and puts inclusivity front and center. #YouAreIncluded!