Announcing The Corporate Pledge

Monday, May 14, 2018     Batchig     6 pm – 8 pm

A 6 to 8 happy hour to announce another Beirut Pride initiative, the one about corporate equality. LGBT individuals are in all professions and businesses, and it is very important the corporate world be more and more aware of the diversity within its staff and clients.

Lined with lemon and jasmine trees, the outdoor garden of Batchig is bursting with energy to enjoy an afternoon drink while speaking about LGBT staff and clients in the business world.

The gathering is intended to announce the Corporate Pledge, a Beirut Pride initiative that aims at addressing discrimination in the workspace. It will be steered by LGBT professionals in synchronization with local business groups and collectives, when it starts in September 2018.

Batchig is the creation of grandmothers who have been cutting, peeling, kneading, spicing, mixing, cooking, baking, and sharing their ideas and experiences for years, each bringing a specialty with her. Today, similar to these ladies, we put together our stories in the workplace, our own experiences, from different backgrounds and professions, to reinforce an approach that would leave less and less people behind.