Family Comes First.
Brunch | Celebrating Parents and Children

Saturday, May 12, 2018     Mayrig     11 am - 2 pm

A brunch to celebrate our families, our parents who love us, who embrace us, who support our love and relationships. They show that family is paramount, and that no matter what, love wins.

Mayrig means "little mother",  and the woman depicted above is Mrs. Manouchag Jouhourian Mardirian, who seems to have left her natal country, seeking refuge in Lebanon, in Beirut Ain el Mreisseh, where she catered for family lunches. It is in this context, where mothers make a difference, that we welcome our mothers and fathers for a celebratory brunch. These parents have dealt with the so-called alternative sexuality of their kids, keeping them close to them. These parents speak empowerment. They are a model to be emulated by other families, who often succumb to social pressures, and a so-called shame because of the sexuality of their kids, or worse, because of whom their children love. While the path hasn't always been smooth to our parents, they still manage to put family first, and continuously embrace their children, for family comes first, for love wins.

The outdoor garden of Mayrig on this Saturday morning will play host to our families. Animated by Shaden, the gathering will feature succulent Armenian delicacies courtesy of the establishment, and will also serve as a backdrop for mingling and networking. We invite parents with their kids, but also children who wish to bring their hesitant and anxious parents, perhaps would they find answers to their questions.

Enjoying the morning, we will also have a conversation with Samar Labban, MD, who will be announcing a Beirut Pride initiative, one aimed at examining the parents' reception of the homosexuality of their kids. We will speak on the importance of family, and of the manifold mental complications that follow kids' rejection from their household, leading to suicide.