Guidelines of Beirut Pride 2018
May 12 – 20

This set of guidelines is intended to secure an optimal experience to the people of Beirut Pride.
They address commuting, photography, media, drinking, harassment, drugs and venue policy.
By attending any event at Beirut Pride, you acknowledge these guidelines, and commit to respecting them.
Any breach of the below guidelines will result in us gently asking you to leave the event, for the wellbeing of all attendees.



1.2. Don't drive under the influence of alcohol or any substance.
1.2. Don't drive if you feel very tired and sleepy.
1.3. Carpool, and share the car with friends and people you know.


This section covers photos and videos that are taken for personal use. Personal use means using the footage on our private personal social media profiles only, and for personal phone documentation (do not share/forward it).
2.1. Parts of the events will be photographed and filmed for the archives of Beirut Pride. We will make sure every single footage is properly used, after obtaining approval for publication.
2.2. Make sure every person who appears in every picture you take and in every video you film agrees to being photographed/filmed.
2.3. Should anyone ask you to delete your footage, kindly do it, and don't forget to remove the file from the "Recently deleted" folder on your phone.
2.4. Respect people's intimacy, and desire for not being photographed/filmed.


While Beirut Pride is a media-coveted event, we wouldn't want people to avoid attending for fear of media exposure. The wellbeing of attendees is paramount, and we kindly ask media outlets to follow the below guides for an optimal coordination.
3.1. Media outlets who wish to cover an event during Beirut Pride are requested to Contact Us for accreditation.
3.2. Should you wish to speak to organizers, we will link you to individuals who can speak on behalf of Beirut Pride.
3.3. All other vox-pops, views and impressions are the personal opinions of their owners only, and do not necessarily reflect Beirut Pride's official policy or position.
3.4. Not all events are camera-friendly, and some happenings cannot be filmed or photographed for intellectual property rights.
3.5. Make sure every person who appears in every picture you take and in every video you film agrees to being photographed/filmed.
3.6. Kindly delete your footage, should anyone ask you to.
3.7. Kindly respect people intimacy, and desire of not being photographed/filmed.


4.1. While some events in Beirut Pride 2017 enjoyed an "open bar" policy, we have decided to drop this pattern as of May 2018 for the following reasons. First, open bars favor over-drinking, which often leads to unamusing situations. Second, there is a tremendous waste of alcohol when the bar is unlimited, due to people ordering too many drinks at once.
4.2. Beirut Pride will make sure that attendees are offered a complementary drink in most venues.
4.3. Beirut Pride will make sure that you reasonably pay for the drinks, and that they are cheaper than in most commercial bars and clubs in town.


5.1. Harassment is not a buzzword, but a situation we would not want to happen during Beirut Pride.
5.2. We define "harassment" as the unwanted behavior, regardless of how offensive it is perceived by people. In other terms: No means no, and when someone asks you to stop, you stop. You don't repeat it, you don't insist, you don't act shocked, and you don't dramatize.
5.3. Beirut Pride events are a safe-place for those attending them. It is not allowed to express a physical or a verbal behavior, or an attitude that is intended to dominate/control.


6.1. We adopt the Lebanese law definition of drugs.
6.2. Beirut Pride is a drug-free event.
6.3. Using, sharing and trading drugs at Beirut Pride's events is prohibited.
6.4. In case consumption happened before attending Beirut Pride, make sure the drug does not conflict with your alcohol consumption.


7.1. We abide by the policy of each venue that hosts a Beirut Pride event.
7.2. There is no conflict between the guidelines of Beirut Pride and that of the venues.
7.3. All venues have agreed on the guidelines of Beirut Pride. They have shared them with their personal, and will be enforcing them.

Be proud and watch each other's back.

Happy Pride!