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In the Wild!

To tell you the truth, and nothing but the truth, we did not expect Beirut Pride 2017 to have such a great attendance. This is wonderful, and this makes us reinvent our plans.

THEREFORE, on Sunday we hit the road and take a trip to Smar Jbeil, to Taflaaaa.
No more limited to 40 people. Be as much as you wanna be.

Come tan, listen to music, jam, dance, sing, whatever! Just be happy, be yourself and have some fresh air!

Tafla welcomes us free of charge and offers two formules:

Formule #1:
Bring your own food, bring your own booze.

Formule #2:
Open brunch for USD 15, served from 11 am to 3 pm.
Including a selection of hot and cold breakfast and lunch dishes cooked from Tafla's veggie garden + soft drinks, hot drinks and juices + fruits. Excluding booze.
Reservation is recommended for the brunch at 71749448 (just for you to find all what you want to munch on!)

This is an environment and human friendly day.
Carpooling is yaaas. (And no leftovers whatsover peeps)
Kind and funny humans are yaaas.
Because some people have been seen annoying animals, TAFLA kindly asks you not to bring your animals.

See you then!

It starts at 10 am (Brunch, duh!) and finishes at 6 pm maaaaaximum,
because we have a date with Evita Kadavra at Bardo (around 9.30 pm) after the Drag Workshop 101 at 6 pm and the gender-fluidity in Fashion talk – for the fashionista here.