Queer Poetry Night
With Poetry Pot and Sidewalk Beirut

Wednesday, May 16, 2018     Madame Om     8 pm – 10 pm (Doors open at 7.30 pm)

An LGBT-themed poetry night bringing together spoken words in English, Arabic and French, celebrating diversity and the multiplicity of love, desire, relationship and passion.

The Poetry Pot has been Beirut's poetic melting Pot for the past two years. People from all backgrounds share their struggles, vulnerabilities, losses, reflections, and emotions through Spoken Word Poetry as it acts as a both means and platform. Teaming up with Beirut's most loved Weekly Open Mic Night SideWalk Beirut, the Pot and SideWalk bring to you their first ever Pride Edition Poetry Performance.

With 8 performers and an opening music set, the night will be full of heartfelt honesty, sharp diction, and a lot of love. To share Pride with all of you, they will be opening the mic for the crowd after the main line up.