Pride Audio Booth
Pride at Radio Mansion

Wednesday, May 16 - Saturday, May 19, 2018     Mansion     4 pm - 7 pm

Radio Mansion is an 8-week experiment to build a collective internet radio at Mansion in Zoqaq el-Blatt, Beirut. Spearheaded by The Outpost, the project aims at creating a community outlet where narratives by different groups - including underrepresented and marginalized voices - could be collected, imagined, and transmitted.

During Beirut Pride, Radio Mansion is welcoming people who identify as LGBT, from Lebanon and beyond to visit the Pride Audio Booth at Mansion, tell their stories and share their experiences. The Booth will be open from Wednesday till Saturday between 4-7 pm.

Feel free to pass by and speak out. You are free to use any language, and to express any opinion, as long as it doesn't include hate speech. You may also choose to be anonymous. You control your narrative!

The Pride Audio Booth is a sister project of the upcoming podcast series Queer Narratives from Beirut by Joy Stacey. Material from the recordings may be used by the podcast or Radio Mansion unless participants request otherwise.